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This store is doing retail business of Sunpadow Lipo Batteries that are applicable for remote control cars and planes. We offer different battery specifications with high quality and affordable prices.

Sunpadow is a world-renowned lipo battery manufacturer with more than 40 years of battery production history. Relying on strong human resources and years of management experience, Sunpadow has successfully built an industry with new green energy as its core technology,and formed a complete set system of research and development, design, production, sales, and technical services that specialize in high-rate model power lithium-ion batteries.

Sunpadow keeps in mind that it relies on technology and products. On the one hand, it cooperates with the world’s top riders to develop, test and upgrade lithium-ion battery products; on the other hand, it continues to conduct technical exchanges with research laboratories of domestic universities and R&D to provide a full range of applications.

Through continuous technological innovation, Sunpadow has the advanced core technology independently researched and developed in terms of product formula and process manufacturing. The product weight specific energy, volume specific energy, specific power and other technical indicators are in the forefront of the same industry in the world. Sunpadow lipo battery products have high power, high discharge platform, low internal resistance, strong explosive power and long duration, high charge and discharge efficiency, high uniformity of cell pairing, wide use temperature, long cycle life, etc.

With its superior product performance, Sunpadow lipo batteries have helped RC athletes from various countries continue to create excellent results in the international arena. They have won dozens of world champion, intercontinental champion, and national champion, breaking the previous monopoly of European and American battery brands on the podium.


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